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Man at Night

Gear List

CAMERAS --------------- Sony A7SIII Sony A7IV Sony 20mm, 35mm, 50mm 1.8, 85mm, 135mm. Tamron 28-75 LIGHTING --------------- Nanlite Forza 500B II Nanlite Mixpanel 150 Nanlite Mixpanel 60 Godox VL150 Godox SL150 Godox ML60 Godox Sl65 Godox S30 and Projection Lens + Gobos and Scrims Aputure MC x 4 Aputure B7C x 2 Godox TL60 x 2 GVM 800D Aputure Lantern. 2 x Softbox Octa 2 x rectangle 4 x C Stand and Booms 4 x Heavy Duty Fold Stands Diffusers x 3 Green Screen Black Screen 2 x Diffusion Screen Do I have a Drone : No, If a video really needs drone footage I will subcontract this element to a licensed drone pilot with the correct insurance. Do I have a Gimble : Yes Zhiyun Weebill S Do I use a Gimble. No very rarely. I don't like the footage from a Gimble. I don't think the camera should be constantly moving without purpose.

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