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Expert photography services for Business and Individuals.

Covering everything from Live Events, Weddings, Family Events, Parties, Product Photography and even specialist Macro Work.

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Macro Photography

Bio WIP: 

My Name Is Dan Duffin, Originally from England but emigrated to Canada in 2006.

In 1982 my parents brought me to Canada on Vacation for 1 month as an 8 year old child. As soon as we returned to England I made it my mission to come and live here in Canada eventually emigrating in 2006 with my wife Catherine. In the late 90s and early 2000's I ran a website dedicated to the movie Black Christmas from 1974. I even spent time on the set of the remake in Vancouver in 2006.










































I have been taking photographs since the early 1980's and know my way around all types of cameras.

Today I use the latest Sony cameras and Prime lenses only.

I do not use Zoom lenses which I believe deliver lackluster results and poor framing choices.

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